Irony I love you

It is pretty interesting how things work out. Yesterday I posted a quote about how success likes to creep up on you. Funny thing happened later in the day …

I got home after work and checked my email for shits and giggles (not like I don't check it at work enough eh?). To my utter surprise I had an email waiting, with an offer to TA for a course I've already taken.

I applied but I thought I was rejected and totally forgot about the whole thing. Oddly enough a friend was over at my place on the weekend and asked me how my TA application went and I said crappy, and now a few days later and BAM, surprise.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to extend success the invitation of creeping me out on a regular basis. Don't be shy! πŸ˜›

P.S. TA – Teacher Assistant (university)


Summer Days

Today was a glorious day. Sun, sun, sun and heat. If you had any doubt about what season was taking over, your uncertainties would be gone. If I had to guess, on the sun it was about 40*C.

Now get this. Some people think it is a good idea to wear black clothe. No not one piece, but a whole outfit!!! I was sitting on the grass and sweating just looking at them. Worst of all they were overweight. Oh did I mention the clothing was tight? OK, OK, there were others. I saw a guy in a leather jacket??? Yeah so it thundered last night, that doesn't mean its going to snow today!

C'mon when its this warm do you really think wearing black will slim you down? If I had to count the number of people wearing black I'd probably lose count.

So what gives?

If you wear black on hot sunny days, please stop, you're killing me.

Star credits

Henry David Thoreau

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

My natural question then becomes…

How do I go by becoming that type of busy that I will forget my own drive for that same success?

Interestingly enough though, I have, like you have I'm sure, noticed that that is true indeed. The most successful things that have happened to me were indeed surprising and unexpected.

Dilemma sorted

I'm taking one summer class in university. I already have a midterm this upcoming Friday even though there has only been two classes, and two more this week before the midterm. So naturally the idea was to spend the weekend preparing for the midterm since it seems that Accounting is not as easy as other subjects for me. Anyway so I spent Saturday mentally *preparing* for studying, ending up not even picking up the book once. Come Sunday I was starting to feel the pressure so I decided that since I have such a lousy attitude towards the class why don't I just drop it. I talked it over and I was ready to drop it. Went to check out the deadlines for dropping the class and it turns out, yes I can still drop it BUT if I wanted to get my money back, I had to drop it on last Friday at the latest. I'm not willing to drop $500 and drop the class. So I'll be studying …

I spent about an hour thinking about dropping it, I wasn't all that convinced that I should, but when I finally decided, it turns out the decision was already made for me. πŸ™‚

Blah! xD

Big credits to dizzz for this one, its absolutely brilliant! (:

Have a good weekend everybody. 

Do you techno?

I was on the bus yester-yesterday, on my way from work to school, and I was trying to justify to myself my love for techno music. Some say it's because I have a European background, others call me weird. If you think about it, techno music is often highly repetitive and lacks words and yet that does not bother me at all. So while I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I like techno because it doesn't have words all it has is a beat. Techno for me is like a playground for my emotions, ideas and thoughts. I work listening to pretty much the whole time. I do homework to the same station. Most of the time I'm not even listening to it consciously.

I like how techno doesn't tie you down. You don't have to attach the particular emotion that is being portrayed by the words of a song. Techno is free and open ended. You can just be waiting for the bus on a sunny day, looking at the clouds and thinking about whatever and somehow techno, for me, even promotes a high sometimes. A feeling of contentedness. It's hard to explain, people are so different in their music preferences and the way they interpret music.

Don't get me wrong I love music in general it's just that somehow recently Techno has started to hold a deeper meaning for me. I find myself listening to it more and more.

P.S. Hope you techno fans out-there didn't miss ARMIN VAN BUUREN – A STATE OF TRANCE EPISODE 250 LIVE it was quite something.

Credits to sticky!

Guess who noticed

This morning I wrote about how abstinence did not get me a reaction. Well come 6 o'clock, the time when cell phone calls become free, and guess who calls. To be honest, "oh shit what do I say" was what went through my mind.

I was just standing at the bus-stop on my way from work thinking about it all trying to come to peace with it, hoping I didn't choose to do it at a wrong time. I guess the unexpected, the way all good things happen, is great. There is so much to think about and yet nothing is new. I'm glad it happened. It took off a load off my chest. Everybody is feeling better which was most important to me, and kept bugging me. There are some improvements indeed. I feel like I have accomplished something with my plan, so perhaps I will stick to it.

It is funny though that at first I thought I had made an enemy but its good to know I haven't. I'm just glad, that's all, about everything. It doesn't take much to make my day so I won't bog myself down with the details.

Note: If you don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about, don't worry I write like this on purpose. πŸ™‚ You never know who is searching for me. *ninja*