What are you capable of?

Now I'm an avid believer in that we can achieve anything through hard-work and dedication. You can get fussy and start debating over my use of words like "anything" but that is irrelevant.

How many of you have heard of David Blaine? If you have heard of him and his feats, you are either struck with awe or struck with annoyance. Personally I think he is truly amazing. Not because of his street-magic (which is very impressive) but because he demonstrates to the world the limit (nonexistent?) of human abilities.

His latest attempt to push our limits started on May 01st. He has trained for over a year and to quote him, "Failure Means a Drowning Death". See the image above? Yeah that's him in glass aquarium, in which he will remain for 7 days. Then he will try to beat the world record for the longest time of holding your breath underwater. The current record is 8 minutes 58 seconds.

Ever thought about living in an aquarium? Well too bad, David Blaine has beat you to it.

How amazing.

Links of interest:

Home page of David Blaine

David's Blog

About David

BBC on Blaine 


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