The best in life is … Balanced

Update Note: The above image is linked to the bigger version of the image that so many of you have requested! My appologies to the fellow to whom I linked, I had no idea it would be such a popular image.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the best things in life are balanced. Somehow balance, symmetry and duality is what feels most natural, most comfortable.

I think it’s very important to strive for balance in your life. Balance is something that I feel brings happiness and satisfaction. Of course don’t take it from me, look around, a lot of things around are balanced. Day and night, hot and cold, black and white, up and down, good and bad, happy and sad. Imaging having/being only one of those all the time. Somehow it wouldn’t be satisfying, likely it would be boring and unsettling.

Though like with all of life, achieving balance is easier said than done. We all seem to have a tendency to swing to a side, yet deep inside we try to achieve that balance. We seek it and are drawn to it.

Seek balance and you shall find inner satisfaction…
Balance is beautiful.

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9 Responses to “The best in life is … Balanced”

  1. leonardo// Says:

    can you mail me this pic?? its beautiful,,

  2. fergn Says:

    dude rockin picture


    i wish it was bigger =( i want it as my desktop wallpaper

  4. Jim Says:

    Any information about the artist or availability of this image would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Where do you come about Images like that? Please Email me at It would be much appreciated.

  6. Brad Says:

    Would love to have this in an Adobe PSD or Illustrator EPS so I can break it apart… the dragon and the ying/yang part… I have a tattoo in mind. Drop me a line at Thanks in advance and it is AWESOME!

  7. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue « Mindless Says:

    […] 3 fold. I used to get at least 100 visits a day and now I get low 60s … max. My “ying yang” post was really popular, as with my “Tattoos” post. Perhaps I should become a […]

  8. Brad Says:

    Well, it’s a done deal. The tat came out excellent!

  9. Alex Says:

    you got a tat of it?! :O

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