Lets just be friends

Chances are, if you are guy with any sort of dating experience there's a high chance you've heard the dreaded "lets just be friends" line. If somehow you have been blessed with never having to endure such a thing, you my friend are lucky, but be warned, it may still creep up on you.

The last 4+ months of my life have been devoted to a lady friend. Apparently she liked me, I kind of fell for her as well but in the end I got served. Being a nice guy that I am and not much dating experience to rely upon I decided I could be just friends with her. Let me tell you how wrong I was…

Unless you find somebody new to fill your gap, the image of this girl will always be there, poking you in all the wrong places. So the proper thing to do is to completely sever all contact. Ideally it is best to do that in the nicest way possible, because down the road once you've licked your wounds shut, you may actually want to have her as a friend. Until that time, you have to get one thing through your head. The reason she played the ljbf card is because something in her head clicked the wrong way. Meaning as far as she's concerned you are no longer relationship material. If you know what you did wrong, good lesson learned. If not, then chances are it wasn't so much your fault as she just doesn't know what she wants.

Whatever you do, do NOT stay friends. Trust me, you won't be able to do it. Each time you talk to her, or see her, you will re-live your emotions and feelings that you experienced when things looked promising. Forget about her not because you hate her, but because you love yourself enough to not waste your time where it is not appreciated.

If you for some wild reason decide to stay friends, you will be subjected to any number of the following things:

She will treat you as a friend and tell you all the details about…

  1. Who she went out with last night
  2. How late she was up
  3. Where she went
  4. What new hot guy she met
  5. How she hasn't had sex in so long
  6. and so on and so forth

Trust me when I tell you, that you will not be able to process all that information without jealousy and constant regret.

Oh and whatever you do, don't regret anything you did to get you to your situation. Life is a lesson, if you got served, its because you needed the experience, so if anything you should be thankful. Experience is truly priceless.

Happy fishing. πŸ˜‰ 


8 Responses to “Lets just be friends”

  1. vincent Says:

    Thank you alex. Much appreciated. It exactly what i needed to hear. Whatever happens later on, for now its time to sever contact.

  2. Alex Says:

    glad I could be a motivator πŸ™‚

  3. bullet Says:

    thanks Alex, you are exactly right, i know what i did wrong and i will learn from this lesson. Somewhere along the line she stopped seeing me “that way” so the best thing to do as you said is to sever contact. You cant miss what’s still around, hopefully i have made a good impression on her and she will realize that she has let someone go that would have been great for her.

    thanks again man

  4. ashish Says:

    good going alex. well though one thing needs to be kept in mind is that all women think differently…so one doesnt really know…buy yes no denying the fact that the moment the lady uses the ljbf card, simply retract and move on to better things.

  5. Kathy Trevino Says:

    Thank you for the comment. I was in a 4 month long thing. He said let’s be friends for a bit, until he has less drama. He meant forever. I got hurt in the long run because I expected more. He got mad and called me a monster when I severed ties. I couldn’t just be a friend and watch him date other girls. I don’t have a reason why it changed for him. Tha’ts one thing I’d like to know. When did he stop feeling “that way” for me.
    I agree to severe all ties. It hurts now, I can’t deny, but later I will thank myself for not letting the pain of seeing him and not having him continue.

  6. Power Home Solar Review Says:

    Great site, I will be back. Well done

  7. Mark Says:

    Hey Alex, thats good advice, wish i had read this along time ago, trust me you would have saved me some heartache. I’m now at the severing all ties part this is about the 5th time of severing all ties with her, but this time it has to happen, we’ve kind of moved beyond the lets just be friends, to some kind of limbo between that and dating. but alas we are stuck there and cant get back or move forward, so it’s sadly time to say good bye, obviously this is the really hard part, and im in cold turkey, having not spoken to her since monday, yet thought about her pretty much every moment of every day since. I’m weak I guess, but with your help I can make it πŸ™‚

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