So he is human after all …

There you have it folks, proof, that David Blaine is real, just like you and I.

I watched the special on ABC last night wow, it was truly something. My whole family and I were mostly short for words. I truly believed that David could do it.

I've been reading today around forums and other blogs about people absolutely bashing him because he "failed". I'm personally disgusted that people these days are that blatantly … dumb. It seems to me that people have lost their ability to admire. David Blaine should be admired, because what he proved with his stunt is something that a lot of us lack. He proved that he was human. He proved it by "failing" his mind boggling stunt, he proved it by nearly dieing, he proved it by crying. As I was watching him on TV, I honestly felt for him, for once I could let my guard down and look at someone on TV as a human being, somebody real.

We walk around masqueraded in fake masks of emotion, but David showed us something amazing, something that we are forgetting how to do. Not to mention his remarkable street magic that was shown during the special.

I admire him, I think he is remarkable, and I wish the him all the best in his recovery.

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