Deaf security and careless HR

So today was my first day back to work. I was pretty excited to go back. I enjoy time off, but it was getting boring. Any-who, I come in at 8:15 through the main entrance and ask the security on reception to place a call to my boss, so that he may come out an get me through all the locked doors. The guy tells me to take a seat. No surprise, this happens every-time. I go and take a seat, 5 minutes goes by, 10, 15, a whole party of new hires goes through on a tour, 30 minutes goes by, 40. By this time there has been a guard shift change. The old guy is replaced by a younger, friendlier looking guard. I hear him get a call and he answers, "switch board". Next thing I know he informs me that the previous guard placed a call to the wrong person and only now will my boss be notified. I laughed it off and went to take a seat, again.

Finally 10 or so minutes later I was finally back at my old desk, great! Yeah well not so great.

The usual routine on your first day is, you have to go through the hassle of opening up accounts for various system etc. So I call up help-desk and give them my name. Wouldn't you know it though, they say they have no record of me. They ask me if its my first day, I say 'yes', and the fun begins. Apparently 3 weeks was not enough for the student coordinator at HR to set me up as an employee. Which means that as far as the company is concerned, I do not exist.

This brought with it a whole chain of things that I was prevented from doing. I couldn't even get my badge done, because I don't exist. It was a complete mess. So I spent around two and a half hours going to and calling various HR contacts. So come noon time, with nothing fully resolved and all my sources busy "creating my identity" I told my boss that there was nothing further I could do and I went home. Good thing is, it will still go in as a full day's work.

Moral of the story, Human Resources are (for the most part) filled with people who are careless, irresponsible and just plain out useless.

Oh and not to mention that thanks to the free time, I found out that my hourly wage should be larger due to my previous terms with the company. Yet interestingly enough when I asked my HR rep if I would be eligible for a pay raise, I was told that they don't do pay raises to students.

Once again, if you don't get down to business nobody else will do it for you.


One Response to “Deaf security and careless HR”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hey, at least you got to go home early! Human resources may be idiots, but they served a purpose for you today despite themselves 🙂

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