So dark the con of men

I took the time yesterday to go and check out The D^Vinci Code in theaters (hooray for cheap Tuesdays?). I don't know about you but I've read the book. As soon as the movie came out there were already reviews out how the movie is just not that good if you've read the book. People who haven't read the book say about the same because they were likely lost through out the plot line. I have mixed feelings for it. When I read the book I thought the story was really captivating and interesting. Yesterday when I was watching the movie I realized I did not remember whole chunks of the plot. So you would think that the effect would be as though I hadn't read the book. Yet I was never really impressed. I really enjoy it when I go to the movies and get goosebumps because of some deep meaning, or complicated twist, but there was none of that here. So my conclusion is that the story of The D^Vinci Code just can't be given enough justice on film. I think its because when you read the book, you have the most renowned producer directing the scenes, your imagination. Somehow no cinema production can touch that.

It's probably because it is just a complicated plot that requires background introduction and there is just not enough time (nor will) to take it on all in one sitting. Not to mention that it doesn't help when you have trouble understanding through the actresses French accent.

Overall I give it a 7/10. If you have not yet read the book, READ it. If you are thinking about going to see the movie, I say go for it. Just go with someone who shares your interest(if any?) in the subject/idea. Though on second thought, if you have not yet read the book, maybe you shouldn't see the movie until you do read it. It may lead you to believe the book is not worth reading.

On a side note. I was falling asleep last night and churning over things in my head. One of the things I remember is thinking about the name Tom Hanks. To be honest I never really *knew* that Tom was his first name. For some reason when I think of Tom Hanks I don't think of him as a Tom kind of guy. In fact when I think of Tom Hanks, the emphasis is on Hanks. Which is usually accompanied by an imagined picture of him in my head. Tom, Tom, don't know, just doesn't have his ring to it. Weird I know. 😉


One Response to “So dark the con of men”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I don’t know … I was thinking that the director who couldn’t make this into a great movie must have some problems… because you read the book and it sounds like Dan Brown is already writing the screenplay as he goes along.

    But, I balked when I heard Tom Hanks was playing the lead. I haven’t seen it yet, and I am reserving judgment, but he just seems like a total miscast to me.

    Thanks for the tip … I’ve been hearing that critics weren’t digging it, but had not yet heard from somebody who read the book.

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