Do you techno?

I was on the bus yester-yesterday, on my way from work to school, and I was trying to justify to myself my love for techno music. Some say it's because I have a European background, others call me weird. If you think about it, techno music is often highly repetitive and lacks words and yet that does not bother me at all. So while I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I like techno because it doesn't have words all it has is a beat. Techno for me is like a playground for my emotions, ideas and thoughts. I work listening to pretty much the whole time. I do homework to the same station. Most of the time I'm not even listening to it consciously.

I like how techno doesn't tie you down. You don't have to attach the particular emotion that is being portrayed by the words of a song. Techno is free and open ended. You can just be waiting for the bus on a sunny day, looking at the clouds and thinking about whatever and somehow techno, for me, even promotes a high sometimes. A feeling of contentedness. It's hard to explain, people are so different in their music preferences and the way they interpret music.

Don't get me wrong I love music in general it's just that somehow recently Techno has started to hold a deeper meaning for me. I find myself listening to it more and more.

P.S. Hope you techno fans out-there didn't miss ARMIN VAN BUUREN – A STATE OF TRANCE EPISODE 250 LIVE it was quite something.

Credits to sticky!


4 Responses to “Do you techno?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh man, I can’t agree with you there. I can take it for a little while, then it begins to feel like this instuder in my brain, that just … won’t … stop … pounding on the door. I am sure if I had to listen to it for more than an hour, my head would explode.

  2. Alex Says:

    haha 😀 I have my off days as well, when I feel like you describe. It is weird, 80% of the time I don’t actually *hear* it. So why don’t I just turn it off? Well because silence “sounds” too … silent lol

  3. Andres Says:

    im agree with you techno is the best musci style ever.. i can listen to techno almost the whole day.. ohh just one quiestion whatus ur favourite artist?

  4. Alex Says:

    Andres, there isn’t one artist I listen to…whatever suits my current mood is what I prefer. Though Bobina and Armin always have killer remixes!

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