Summer Days

Today was a glorious day. Sun, sun, sun and heat. If you had any doubt about what season was taking over, your uncertainties would be gone. If I had to guess, on the sun it was about 40*C.

Now get this. Some people think it is a good idea to wear black clothe. No not one piece, but a whole outfit!!! I was sitting on the grass and sweating just looking at them. Worst of all they were overweight. Oh did I mention the clothing was tight? OK, OK, there were others. I saw a guy in a leather jacket??? Yeah so it thundered last night, that doesn't mean its going to snow today!

C'mon when its this warm do you really think wearing black will slim you down? If I had to count the number of people wearing black I'd probably lose count.

So what gives?

If you wear black on hot sunny days, please stop, you're killing me.

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