Irony I love you

It is pretty interesting how things work out. Yesterday I posted a quote about how success likes to creep up on you. Funny thing happened later in the day …

I got home after work and checked my email for shits and giggles (not like I don't check it at work enough eh?). To my utter surprise I had an email waiting, with an offer to TA for a course I've already taken.

I applied but I thought I was rejected and totally forgot about the whole thing. Oddly enough a friend was over at my place on the weekend and asked me how my TA application went and I said crappy, and now a few days later and BAM, surprise.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to extend success the invitation of creeping me out on a regular basis. Don't be shy! 😛

P.S. TA – Teacher Assistant (university)


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