Yesterday on my way home from a meeting with the professor for whom I will be TA’ing, I had to use the train. It is a light rail train system. Currently it does not span a great distance but it is quite popular because of the time it saves. There is some odd logic when it comes to paying for the ride.

If you take a bus here, and pay with tickets you get a transfer and that transfer is valid as POP(proof of payment) on the train. However, if you get on the train first you need to buy a ticket which is then valid on the bus. My only beef with that setup is that the train ticket costs more than bus tickets. So what I usually do is skip buying the train ticket and just pay on the bus after. The problem with that is that it is risky. If you get caught on the train without a proof of payment you get a $100 fine. I think you can tell what I'm leading up to…

So on my way home yesterday I get off the train at my station and make my way to the bus stops only to notice how everybody was being herded through 4 police men/women checking proof of payment. I had a brief feeling of "oh fucking hell" run through me, quickly followed by "ok so how are we going to play this". As the lines were moving through the cops I momentarily forgot where my bus tickets were (I planned to get off with a warning!). So by the time I found them in my left pocket I took them out and was standing beside a woman cop. I also by accident took out the transfer which I had used to get to school earlier in the day. The next thing I heard was "Thank you". I looked up in with astonishment I probably could not mask and said "Thank you!" and walked calmly past.

I have two theories for my cheap escape. Either she saw my transfer not caring to check the time OR she was a kind person.



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