Zorro on doughnuts

Out of all the days of the week they could have chosen for the midterm day, they chose Friday. Are they not aware of TGIF or do they think its fair to change that to HHIF (holly hell its Friday). Yeah its nothing major nor is it even important but somehow it erks me to have an exam on a Friday. Its like extending working hours by 3 more hours, as though the 37.5 were not enough.

I'm mostly unhappy with myself because it turns out taking summer courses and working full time is easier imagined then accomplished. Having to do homework when you've come back from a full days work somehow doesn't sound at all that appealing. What was I thinking when I decided to take the course? I wanted to be busy, maybe meet some fellow summer-schoolers but it seems to be turning into more busyness than anything else.

I can still drop the course today, but I'd be losing out on $500…argh

I guess I better start studying rather then complaining!


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