No pain No gain

Yesterday was a pretty ordinary day except for the fact that I had extreme trouble walking, I've realized I hate fast food, and I had a shitty sleep and had to wake up to the day when I have to visit the dentist. Not to mention I managed to forget my toothbrush this morning. I'll have to brush with my fingers I guess?

The pain in my legs is like a burning fire each time I go to get up or walk around. Stairs are out of the question. Yesterday was a pretty warm day, I wore jeans, which was a bad idea had my legs not hurt so much. Though it was definitely a day for shorts, the jeans and the heat kept my legs moving. Today I'm definitely wearing shorts.

Yesterday, as per my MW schedule, I stopped by Burger King before going to school. Got the daily special, King Supreme. I came to the conclusion that I despise fast food. I don't eat it that much, in fact, I only started eating it on a semi-regular basis since my summer class started (3 weeks) and that is enough for me. I'm going to try go to Subway even though its like 4 times more expensive.

Good news about my Accounting midterm, A. Much more than I had expected but I got lucky with a few questions, and I know it.

As far as my new lady friend is concerned, we have a lot in common. I wouldn't have known unless I asked. I don't even know why I did. Is there mutual interest? To an extent it seems. I don't know, we have a limited time to really socialize in class so its hard to form an opinion that fast. I met her on Friday, talked to her some yesterday, next I'll see her will be Wednesday. I guess I'll grab her number and see where to go from there. I'm thinking of inquiring about her boyfriend situation. Not because I want to date her already but I'd much rather know what I'm working with. Though I *think* she's single. I hate having to wait a whole day before I can advance my situation, but I guess patience is key.


2 Responses to “No pain No gain”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Subway will be worth the extra money. You won’t miss that grease ball in your stomach!

  2. Mindless » Blog Archive » Connect the dots Says:

    […] YET, I obviously wasn't 100% sure but I did contemplate asking her flat out (which was obviously a dumb idea to begin with so I dropped it). She didn't seem upset or bothered at all with the fact that she had broken up with him. So I can't quite rest my mind. […]

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