Look Ma’, No cavities

Lesson number one, when writing a post and you decide to save it. If a message box pops up asking "are you sure?" make sure to read what it is asking. If you don't you'll spend your time (like me) rewriting what you just wrote.

It works out kinda good though, now I'm too lazy to type out my last thoughts, because in retrospect they weren't that good anyway. 😛 So instead here is the summary. I went to the dentist. Dentist told me I have no cavities. I leaped up in feat of joy and ran the hell out forgetting to grab my receipt. So moving on…

I was thinking about how you have to have a certain level naiveness in life, even if it is forced. Sometimes it gets too tough having to consider every possibility and trying to figure out if what is happening is true. I don't know if it is just me, but I feel sometimes like, had I understood how others react to something, it would help me understand if my reaction was the correct one. Kind of like when doing math homework. When you don't get the answer from the first try, you check the answer in the back of the book, and work backwards. Then again I don't think that kind of "help" exists in life. Probably because it doesn't matter. It is simply insignificant in the long run.



2 Responses to “Look Ma’, No cavities”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    My daughter also spent yesterday with the Dentist. Were you also provided the opportunity to suck saliva out of your mouth for 20 minutes with “Mr. Thirsty”?

    As for what’s right … I think your reactions are what they are. It’s all in whether you originally understood the issue correctly. That, can only come from learning the hard way… trial and error. And no one ever really gets it right all of the time anyway.

  2. Alex Says:

    haha nope I only got the privilege of wearing unimpressive goggles

    Yeah but understanding the issue “correctly” becomes relative…I mean who sets “correctly”?

    You are right though…

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