Hot and sweaty

A darn good day yesterday. Congrats to my bro, he was awarded MVP for his goalkeeper efforts on the soccer team. We're all proud of him.

Interestingly enough my night "adventure" spawned from something he told my dad. He said there was a teacher who was asking about me. The teacher taught me for a class or two, and he was my brothers soccer coach. I felt bad because I haven't gone back to visit the teachers who helped make my 4 years of high-school an enjoyable experience.

It's odd though, a lot of my friends always complain about how our high-school sucked, how blah blah blah. I completely disagree. Having gone to a large high-school for grade 9 and part of 10, going through frosh, and then switching schools to a smaller school really made me appreciate things more. So from what I can remember I dreamt about going to school to play volleyball. I don't remember what but it felt like I forgot something that I felt I needed to actually play.

The interesting part was that I talked to a few teachers, in my dream, who I guess I feel most guilty for not visiting. My history teachers, and my gym teachers. I really think I should go back and visit…

On another note, I accomplished what I planned on for yesterday. I ran into someone who may be thinking of treading on my turf. Thoughts are harmless but I hope I've discouraged that behaviour. Perhaps not, which means there's pressure on me to get the ball rolling in the right direction while I have the lead.

There is something going on with her that I can't quite put my finger on. I saw it her eyes. I'm pretty sure it's nothing major but none the less its starting to turn into yet another game. In which case, do I go with the Giuoco Piano or with a surprise Smyslov variation opening? The weekend is fast approaching, going to have to make a move sooner rather than later…


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