Bilderberg Meet

"It's like the Woodstock for conspiracy theorists. Those who follow the Bilderberg group say it got Europe to adopt a common currency, got Bill Clinton to support NAFTA, and spent this week deciding what to do about high oil prices and that pesky fundamentalist president of Iran."

I was on my way to work on Thursday and noticed that the hotel that is near my work was blocked off. Women and men in black suits patrolling the premise. Two police cruisers and an ambulance were also on scene. I didn't know what to think so I shrugged it off. Then rumors started spreading that Bill Gates had arrived at the hotel and that was the reason for the increased security. Then I found out about the whole Bilderberg group story.

Over the next few days there were people standing outside the hotel with signs and posters. It is fascinating how there are these meetings of powerful people to figure out how to conduct the world. The most unbelievable part is that they chose to meet here, right in my own city.

I wonder what they were actually discussing at this meeting.


One Response to “Bilderberg Meet”

  1. montypiegon Says:

    Hey that’s pretty interesting. You should have snuck in and did some recording or something, I’m sure some very interesting things were going on.

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