Mathematical Erotica

Geeks around the world rejoice at the sight of this set of algorithm-generated images. These images are supposed to be "pornographic" and may appear to be that from a distance, but upon inspection I can honestly say they do 'nothing' for me. With each picture, my brain tries its hardest to compare the image to previous experiences and even still it fails.

Feel free to disagree with me but if you get any sort of reaction to this, then you most definitely have earned yourself a trip to visit the doc.

Though if you do get some sort of reaction from these, please post a comment.

Is this safe for work? Well that really depends how good of an imagination your boss has and how willing he is to unconsciously apply it to images that possibly resemble his imagination. In other words, it's your call. Could be a fun joke or … not.

Enjoy, and make sure to wash your hands! 😉

Oh yeah I forgot to add THE link…here it is.


One Response to “Mathematical Erotica”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Those are … interesting … 🙂

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