Calculus for Salsa

Ahh yes … it's all about fair trading. Calculus and Comp Sci tutoring for dancing lessons. I hope it wasn't just talk, this could turn into a very good deal. 😀

Good day today! Enjoyed my Subway (you were right Jennifer!), got school related issues sorted out and learned some pleasant things about her today. She seems like an awsome girl. Interestingly enough my hunch was right again. Like always, I can't quite put my finger on what triggered the feelings but it must of been the eyes. When I first met her I could sense it, there was another player. Today felt totaly different, more open, more free. Maybe that's because she got the news out right in the beginning. Though the news didn't effect me much at all (other then one of my ears haha). I'm still thinking over my plans. Studying together has been booked but my weekend looks open and available. I think I'll sleep on it.

That is about a wrap. I'm not exactly sure as to my expectations. I'd like to think I don't have any but you know how it is. Once you get something on your mind, it opens up Pandora's box of possibilities. I figure if I stick to my gut feelings, things will workout whichever way.


3 Responses to “Calculus for Salsa”

  1. Mindless » Blog Archive » Connect the dots Says:

    […] A place to write « Calculus for Salsa Connect the dots June 15th,2006 […]

  2. Guru Panguji Says:

    Lol!! It’s all about fair trading in the end :-)!! Came over from wantonurges’ blog :-D!!

  3. Alex Says:

    I should implement a NAFTA like agreement eh?
    and welcome! :D, you have now been blogrolled!

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