Connect the dots

Today has turned into a day of dissecting the details of yesterday. There is one that I can't quite solve myself. I think some outside opinion is definitely in order.

Like I mentioned in the Calculus for Salsa she brought up the fact that she broke up with her boyfriend. She has never mentioned, during all the times we talked that she had a boyfriend and yet she told me she broke up with the boyfriend I did not know she had, on the first day after it happened. Am I just making it up or does it really seem like it I should be reading between the lines. If I was unaware she had a boyfriend why tell me she broke up with him?

It is intriguing though, because I knew something was up. I just knew it, I told my friend there was something fishy. It was in her eyes, especially that time when her, John and I were walking out of class. I had assumed she was also taking the bus like the rest of us but she pulled a little "oh I'm going this way, I'm getting picked up". It wasn't so much the words as it were the eyes. I was convinced she did indeed have a boyfriend.

YET, I obviously wasn't 100% sure but I did contemplate asking her flat out (which was obviously a dumb idea to begin with so I dropped it). She didn't seem upset or bothered at all with the fact that she had broken up with him. So I can't quite rest my mind.


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