2006’s most alluring women

limaWhat kind of guy would I be if I completely ignored ‘AskMen.com’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2006‘ list? Well I don’t know, because I’m not that kind of guy. So I’ve categorized this post under ‘Dreams‘ and I highly suggest you check out the list. Though I must say that I was slightly disappointed to see Mrs. 99 in her place, I personally think she deserves a higher place. Oh and who is Dallas Howard?

I am glad to see that Beyonce is nowhere near the top, because frankly being so overrated is bad for her health. I still think shes sitting a little high but that’s why I’m not a judge at AskMen.com. It is funny though that 70% of people disagree with me and feel she should be higher up.

I’ve currently clicked through 75 women and I realized I have not made a prediction for the top. So let me say that I have a spidy hunch that the top spot will be (should be?) held by what’s her name… Not a very good prediction when you can’t remember somebody’s name eh. The one from Victoria secret, with those wings, and wicked eyes. Seriously I’m not kidding I can’t remember! While searching my head for the name I remembered Angelina Jolie, and even though she’s not the one I’m thinking of, I’m sure she must be somewhere near the top, perhaps even top 10! … Aha Adriana Lima! Make sure to check out the sexy wallpaper!

Here is another kicker, Lindsay Lohan beat out Halle Berry? Ha

I just clicked my way to spot #6 which is occupied by Charlize Theron, so I think my prediction will be a good one! … Or not, so apparently Adriana Lima only took 4th? Why didn’t anybody ask me?! That girl is … wow. And if her virginity rumors are true then replace my wow with omg.

Interesting to note that Angelina Jolie, not only made it into the top 10, but made it into the top 3. That women is really on a roll. Of course at this point I just hope I will not be disappointed by the number one gal.

And thankfully it seems like I have not. Congratulations to Jessica Alba, she is definitely a stunner.

starAdriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Ana Beatriz Barros bikini wallpaper!star


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