Where is my super glue?

Well that has been a nice long weekend. It’s a shame I have to be at work today though. Why can’t Canadians celebrate Independence day? 😛 Speaking of which, hope my American friends are enjoying your day!

This has been probably the longest three day weekend in a while. Friday was my birthday. Which didn’t quite workout as planned… In fact, my plans kind of fell apart because some important guests couldn’t make it. Apologies were provided and I have no choice but to accept them. It’s a shame. The night was pretty fun still. Instead of bowling we headed out for a game of pool, got some free shots in the process and had some chicken wings.

Saturday was Canada day. The weather was undecided all day long. It would rain for 5 minutes then become sunny again, then repeat. We ended up going downtown. It’s funny what a small world it is. We bumped into a bunch of people we haven’t seen in ages. Everybody always needed to take a leak, don’t know why they didn’t just all go at once. In the end our group kind of split up. Half of us wanted to go to a bar a drink, the other wanted to roam the downtown. So that is how we split. My group went to roam downtown while the others went to a bar. The fireworks were awesome. Steady rain was able to hold off ’till after the fireworks. So all in all also an awesome day.

Not much action on Sunday other then just relaxing.

Monday I finally hit up the gym. It had been like a week since my last visit due to my exam and late nights and later mornings. I’m feeling it this morning which is a good sign.

I’ve made some small changes to my plan. Originally I was not going to take the continuation to Accounting since I would be leaving on my summer trip before the class ended. However I enjoyed my time taking the class and the people I met. So I figured I’d start going to the continuation class and just not pay and not take the midterm/exam.


  • My days would not consist only of work
  • I get to leave work earlier two times a week
  • I won’t forget the stuff I just learned
  • I’ll get to spend time with my friend 😉

Cons (as I found out after I had purchased my bus pass):

  • Class starts an hour later than before
  • I likely don’t have my gym membership anymore because I signed up only for half a summer course originally.
  • Having to make an effort to learn something that I won’t be tested on … yet

I still think it’s a good idea though, but we shall see.
Today is the first class, I’m eager to go just so I can hang out with her…


One Response to “Where is my super glue?”

  1. Mindless » Blog Archive » Summer Days Says:

    […] Rest assured though, that things are going good. I day dreamt an awesome plan into existence. After I finished my summer course (Introduction to Accounting), I did not plan on taking any more summer classes due to my TA obligations, work, and NJ trip in early August. However I underestimated how much I enjoyed leaving work early twice a week, making my way to school and hanging out with a few friends I’ve made in the class. Since most of them have moved on to take the continuation course (Managerial Accounting), I’ve decided to take it as well. Except I’m taking it slightly differently from them. I’m not actually enrolled in the class…I just show up. Which has obviously created an interesting feeling. I show up to class, I pay attention, I take notes, but I won’t/am not aloud to write either the midterm or the final exam. For obvious reasons…like me not paying for the class. […]

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