Summer Days

Don’t worry I’m still here. Though I wonder who my target audience is when I say “don’t worry” considering 90% of my traffic is in search of “Biggest Nipples”… πŸ˜›

Anywho, the reason for so little updates lately is because I’ve been busy. Not super busy, just busy enough to not have the craving to post something.

Rest assured though, that things are going good. I day dreamt an awesome plan into existence. After I finished my summer course (Introduction to Accounting), I did not plan on taking any more summer classes due to my TA obligations, work, and NJ trip in early August. However I underestimated how much I enjoyed leaving work early twice a week, making my way to school and hanging out with a few friends I’ve made in the class. Since most of them have moved on to take the continuation course (Managerial Accounting), I’ve decided to take it as well. Except I’m taking it slightly differently from them. I’m not actually enrolled in the class…I just show up. Which has obviously created an interesting feeling. I show up to class, I pay attention, I take notes, but I won’t/am not aloud to write either the midterm or the final exam. For obvious reasons…like me not paying for the class. πŸ™‚

The good thing is, is that I like it. I’m at work from 8 to 3. I eat and make my way to school by 4:30. I’m at the gym until 5:30 and I’m in class from 6 to ~9. Sounds like tough days, and they aren’t easy but it’s a good type of hard, the enjoyable type. Twice a week and I love it. My enjoyment is, of course, highly influenced by an awesome professor, the fact that it’s summer, and obviously Miss Secret.

Speaking of her, she’s definitely an interesting one. We went out rollerblading on Saturday. Good time of course but as always I’m deeply confused as to where we stand, where any of this is going, and just what kind of interests she has in me. There are a lot of details that go into my confusions that it would be pointless to mention as it would turn this post into a 12 page convoluted essay with no thesis. I talked to my mom about her, and my mom seems to think that this confusion is because she’s older than me. In fact my mom is surprised she’s even gone out with me … twice. I personally would have never known she was older than me, as in I can’t tell from our conversations etc, but for some reason the first time I met her, I asked how old she was. The weird part is, is that I never ask girls their age, I mean who cares? I didn’t even feel like she was older than me, but maybe my subconsciousness did? I have no idea how to explain such a silly slip, so I’ll just pretend like it was meant to be. We both just finished second year, and we have a lot in common for the past 10 years. And yet somehow I getting the feeling that it won’t work out nearly as well as I planned/hoped. Which means I need to get another plate or two spinning in the mean time.

It’s probably pretty clear now why I enjoy going to a class I don’t have to show up at, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

Sunday is coming to an end and Monday can’t wait to take control. If you got this far, thanks for reading. I really do fancy the idea that somebody actually reads my ramblings.



2 Responses to “Summer Days”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Why would your mom assume she’s older than you when she’s never met her? Maybe it’s one of those details? I haven’t been there with the two of you, so can’t really speak with any authority. But I can tell you from my personal experience that in every new relationship, there is always confusion about where you stand in the beginning. Both people are trying to walk a fine line of showing interest, without showing him/herslef overly interested, in case the other one turns out to not be really interested.

    I have been getting daily hits now from Biggest Nipples too πŸ™‚ And I even had a second hit on Barbara Bush’s Big Nipples. Ugh.

  2. Alex Says:

    Because, she is older than me, as I found out when I first met her. Two years older in fact.

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