Moving WordPress

And here I thought that just because has an “export” button, that the whole importing thing would work out to be easier…

Nope not a chance. Some of you may have noticed my brief post about me moving to a new host…away from

Here are some thoughts:

  • Less fun then it may appear
  • has some nice features implemented.
  • Now that I’ve made my site popular…I’m going to lose all my visitors?
  • Argh, why won’t you just import!
  • I payed how much for this headache?
  • I don’t even like blogging THAT much.
  • Mommy

No but seriously, think twice before actually moving. I was never actually going to move, until a “brilliant” plan snuck up on me. Of course it’s a secret plan so … I can’t share it with you, but rest assured, that if it makes me rich, I’ll fill you in!

Just kidding…

If anybody has any suggestion as to how to import a export into a fresh wordpress install, please fill me in. This RSS 2.0 crap is driving me bananas. I have a feeling I’m going to have to fill the database … by hand … hopefully with someone else’s hands! 😛


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