+Two weeks left

Boy, yesterday was a busy day. Work, school to proctor a midterm, mark assignments, grab the midterms and jet home. Get home, make some final changes to Mindless v2, lock up Mindless v1 and sleep. Argh so much to do…

I’m still waiting for BlogExplosion to approve my new blog. Like seriously what’s taking so long! It’s been just over 24 hours already, I’m far too anxious to just sit still; I need people to see my site! Maybe even participate in a battle?

Note to all those thinking of switching away from wordpress.com, beware that you lose you’re spellchecker! I’m going to have to run this through Word once I’m done just to be sure.

Yeah anyway enough about tech stuff, I saw a friend of mine, who I haven’t seen in 5+ years. I was standing at Bayview. It was just after 9pm, street lamps on, the day now visibly shorter than it was even a few weeks ago. When a bus pulls up, and he’s on it. The bus stops perfectly in front my field of vision. And I was like “oh man, it’s Josh”. I haven’t seen that guy in years, we obviously couldn’t say much, so we kind of just pointed at each other…lol.


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