War with You and Me

lord of war

I don’t follow politics nor do I know all the “facts”, but let me just say that, we are totally fucking ourselves big-time.

What the hell is wrong with us? I’m not sure if I should start my rant with US or Israel/Lebanon. Either way they are all retards. Every single person who supports these unbelievably retarded wars are themselves mentally deranged. I cannot stand this madness. What the hell is wrong with the world?

When our governments go to war, we think it’s because they are protecting our interests. Are you kidding me??? I don’t know about you, but ever since 9/11 my eyes have been opened to a much different world. A world where governments are businesses, and war is profit. Do you really think that invading Iraq was to “protect” US? If you do, then stop reading here.

Every single person in Israel/Lebanon who has been involved in the never ending conquest to claim the “holly land” needs to seriously be shot. Our existence on this planet will not last if we cannot let go of the past. It makes me so mad that people would kill each other and go to war over something so irrelevant. In today’s age of possibilities and knowledge you’d think people are smarter, more aware, more civilized. And yet it’s as though the mistakes of our forefathers have taught us nothing.

It makes me sick to look on my MSN list of friends and see people who have things like “Fuck you Israel/Lebanon” in their name. Like seriously, you’ve got to be at most 12 to be acting like that. We are always being taught tolerance and acceptance and yet people are blindly cursing.

I strongly disagree with any armed conflict, not because I’m a hippy, but because I believe in peace.

It’s kind of odd, but I think I know what the problem is with the world. We don’t accept each other. I was not born in Canada, I moved to Canada with my parents from Europe. I was a kid, and it’s been some 10.5 years now. Since Canada is such a diverse nation, I have grown up being friends with jews, arabs, asians, blacks. I have friends of every color and of every race, and I know that what it all boils down to, is our inability to accept other people.

My parents for instance, grew up back there and back then, they have a harder time suppressing their, sometimes, more “racist” remarks. When I hear them, I cannot help but wonder how come they don’t see the world through my eyes.

Does it really matter what religion you are, what kind of food you eat or the clothe that you wear? Like why can’t we just get a long? I’m not saying you have to love everybody, just learn to live with them. Compromise is key. If we don’t learn to accept the differences in eachother on a GLOBAL scale, Einstein’s prediction about WWIV (sticks and stones) won’t be far off.


One Response to “War with You and Me”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Since 9-11, being for peace has been treated with disdain here in the states. I just don’t get that. How can anyone not be for peace? How can anyone think it’s preferable to see all of these bodies piling up, too many of them children? It’s insane.

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