Plasma TV or Ring


Word on the street is that women now-a-days prefer a Plasma TV over a Ring? That can’t be right. Though according to Digg, a lot of guys are quite happy about this. I don’t get it though, how are plasma tvs and diamond rings replacements for each other?

*Alex gets down on one knee*
*”Will you marry me?“*
*Cue friend to roll in the big screen tv*

Seems kind of lame…

What also seems hilarious is the number of guys that whine about the money it costs to buy a ring. Like holly crap, do you love her or not? And isn’t it like an age old tradition, I think kings and queens did that kind of stuff. Obviously buying just a regular ring is king of boring, but putting some imagination into it can be quite fun.


3 Responses to “Plasma TV or Ring”

  1. Mindless » Blog Archive » Sapphire and Diamond Pendant Says:

    […] Just another WordPress weblog « Plasma TV or Ring Sapphire and Diamond Pendant August 2nd,2006 […]

  2. Jennifer Says:

    For an engagement? I find that hard to believe. We may hit you up for a Plasma TV the minute we get back from the honeymoon, but you still need to buy the ring…

  3. Alex Says:

    I know, unbelievable!

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