Deckchair “Accident”


Ok this is probably one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. I literally laughed out loud when I read it.

A Croatian man got a nasty surprise when he tried to get out of his deck chair and found his testicles had got stuck.

Mario Visnjic had gone swimming naked in the sea at the Valalta beach in western Croatia, reports 24sata.

His testicles had shrunk while in the cool sea and slipped through the wooden slats when he sat back down on his wooden deckchair.

But as he lay in the sun they expanded back to normal size and got stuck between the slats.

He was eventually freed after he called beach maintenance services on his mobile phone and they sent a member of staff to cut the deck chair in half.

Evil deckchairs haha! Imagine getting the call to go help this guy? “Ok who wants to go help a guy who got his testicles stuck in our deckchair?



5 Responses to “Deckchair “Accident””

  1. Lynda Says:

    hehehe. That must have been em-bare-assing.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Ugh. I don’t even have them and it’s hurts *me* just thinking about it.

  3. Alex Says:

    ahahaha yeah eh

  4. Deckchair “Accident” Says:

    […] Link! Source: Deckchair “Accident” - Swimming [Feed] […]

  5. Empress Baggie Says:

    Oh my! Truth is stranger than fiction, you know! Poor guy!

    There’s a scene in “Joe Dirt” where a hound dog’s jewels got frozen to the front porch. For the writers to think this up, certainly they must have heard of it happening to someone’s dog. It’s kind of like the kid on “Rescue 911” who got his tongue stuck in the freezer. In “Dumb and Dumber,” don’t those idiots get their tongues stuck to a pole or something? The list goes on and on …

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