NJ 2006

The time is 10:52 Pm on a rather chilly Friday evening. About 3 hours ago we got home from our, what has become a yearly trip to visit friends in New Jersey.
I still remember vividly the days leading up to Friday, two weeks ago, when we were leaving on our vacation. Now that I’m back it’s kind of surreal.

This will probably end up being a long post which will take me some time to write, but I’ve decided I might as well start while everything is still fresh in my mind.

So let’s start at the beginning…

We left on Saturday morning, August 12th. The ride there was about 8 hours with some traffic at the border and one stop for food. As usual, I don’t know why but border crossings make me feel like a criminal. I was the driver for the first part of trip and we had nothing to hide, but just the way the officers ask you questions, makes you (or maybe it’s just me) stammer and forget where I’m from. Not to mention coming back, but more on that later. We were leaving Canada with a cool morning temperature of around low 20C (68F), we had extra shirts in the car in case weather did not improve. Other then that, the trip was uneventful. Same scenic route, same feelings of excitement.

Fortunately the weather did improve by the time we had traveled the 700 some km from our place in Canada. NJ was warmer, but not by much. Comparing to last year, it was cooler there too. The main fear that arose was that the ocean would be cold, because essentially that is the best part of our trip to NJ, the beach and the ocean. Not to mention that sexy tans we get as a bonus. Of course the other fear that I forgot to mention now that I’ve home and it’s behind us, is that of meeting a shark. By the time we made it to our friend’s house, it was close to 8pm and the sun was setting. We unpacked, watched some TV (a show about sharks :S) and went to sleep with high hopes for the days to come. Luckily we would not be disappointed…

What followed our arrival was 8 days spent on the beach and the rest were dedicated to BBQs, shopping and just thinking about nothing…

The most memorable part of course was the time spent at the Seaside Park, on the New Jersey coast. A lot people are surprised when I tell them that the beaches in NJ are amazing. For an 8 hour drive, you get sand dunes, an ocean with waves for surfing or boogy boarding and it’s just plane awesome. Not to mention that there is no worry about sharks. Imagine that, an ocean you can actually swim in (yeah I’m directing that at your Floriday folks). A friend of mine, lived for a whole year in NJ, and never once had been to the beach, I don’t know how that’s possible…

It’s 11:16 PM now and I’m sleepy so I think I’ll continue this tomorrow, I need to catch some Zzzs.
So today isn’t exactly the “tomorrow” I was speaking of. The day is Monday August 28th, 12:10pm and I’m at work.

Now back to the story…
I mentioned above that NJ beaches are shark-worry-free. Well that is true to an extent I suppose. On one of the days at the beach my brother and I had come out of the water and were drying up in the afternoon sun, when I noticed a crowd gathering, with everybody out of the water. Next we saw people pointing at something and sure enough, there it was, the fin of a shark. It’s wasn’t a very large fin, nor was it a large shark. I’d say about 3ft in length. One of the guys on the beach ran in and tried to grab it by the tail, the shark slapped him back and he came back saying how it definitely wasn’t weak. As it was swimming along the shore, it got hit by a large wave and beached on the sand. It tried it’s hardest to make it back into the water but it was too high up on the sand. This was the time everybody actually got a good look at the shark. It looked “friendly” if you ask me. Two guys came in and grabbed it by it torso and threw it back into the water. It’s a shame I didn’t snap a photo though…

Another thing interesting to note is that this year there were a lot of jelly fish, clear ones, that don’t sting. Last year there was a lot of “jellybeans” as we call them, they are jelly-fish-like creatures but the size of jellybeans. It’s always fun to watch how people who are unfamiliar to them react when they first see them. Kids played games of tag with them, ahh vacation.

If there was one thing I wish we had here in Canada (where I live), an ocean close enough to visit. There’s something about the air and the salty water that I adore. Not to mention that waves. Somehow a river just isn’t good enough. Though you can’t do much swimming in the ocean, whereas rivers are great for that. Maybe I’ll move there someday!

As for the rest of the vacation, it was pretty much all about shopping. A lot of things aren’t taxed plus are cheaper (considering currency and all) when bought in the states. So we usually are more conservative during the year, as far as shopping goes, waiting until we get to the states to unleash. Some people don’t believe me when I tell them that it’s much easier to find a bargain in the States than in Canada. I got myself an Esquire watch (oddly enough it’s the same one I picked out last year but figured it was too expensive). Gotta love outlet stores and strip malls!

As for next year, I think a cruise is in order!


One Response to “NJ 2006”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ack! Sharks! Ever since my mom let me watch Jaws at a too-young age, that’s been a big phobia.

    But, hey, at least you have a good story to tell 🙂

    Sounds like otherwise it was a great trip!

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