School is in da’ House


Goodbye summer and hello school(tomorrow morning at 8:35).
No complaints though, it should be a fun semester. Between database optimization, operating systems and prolog (wtf) I think I will learn a lot. Might even consider blogging about some of the things that strike me as interesting.
Things that will also be occupying me, will be TAing for Datastrucures and Algorithms as well as Stats. Luckily I like statistics, probabilities and such.
What are the chances I’ll win $1 million over the weekend… 😛


6 Responses to “School is in da’ House”

  1. JV Says:

    Oh! We’ll have our classes on the 11th, that’s Monday! Good luck!

    The probability of winning a $1 M? Let’s see… it can be 1,000,000!. So, it’s 1 x 2 x 3 x4 … x 1,000,000!:grin:

  2. Jen Says:

    what’s your major?

  3. Alex Says:

    hah yeah something like that JV

    Jen, I’m a Computer Science major

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Ugh … I hated statistics. Have fun with that!

    When do you expect to graduate?

  5. Alex Says:

    In about 2.5 years I think. I’m in my third year, but with coop and such my school life has expanded. Not that I’m complaining, I’m in no particular hurry to graduate…

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t either with my BA … I took my sweet time over 7 years. When I graduation was looking too close, I decided to do a double major rather than a major/minoe 🙂

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