World Trade Centers


Remember Remember the 11th of September

It’s 7:51pm and I was watching a video released today by Bob and Bri of what they filmed on that day 5 years ago. You know to this day it’s surreal and unbelievable. The video quality is quite high so you might want to check it out for yourself. The thing that strikes me most is how you hear the fire trucks honking their way through traffic, people screaming, debris falling off of the towers. I keep trying to put myself in their position, try to understand what they felt what ran through their minds. It’s scary, it’s unpredictable but oh so real.

Bri (the women filming) says “it was a military plane”…
Was it really those “terrorists”? Will we ever know the truth?

Then when the first tower falls, you hear the women crying … I’m left speechless.

I will never forget September 11, 2001



2 Responses to “World Trade Centers”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    wow, just that picture of how it used to look can bring tears to my eyes.

  2. JV Says:

    I can still remember those days, when I watched the bombings of the WTC and the Pentagon. The damage still reverberates until now. I saw a man jumping out of the tower; and I was totally shocked, and had goosebumps. I hope that nothing like this again would occur.

    God bless America!

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