God doesn’t limp

Hmmm, its been 5 days since I made an update? Wow time flies when you’re doing nothing busy.

So here is the scoop.

  • For one, the COOP process is under way. I’ve gone to my coop pre-placement interview and I was suggested to make a web page showing off my projects. For that task I needed a CMS (content management system), so I went out looking and found that Joomla fit the bill quite well. Once it’s completed I’ll let you see it. 😉
  • Apparently my summer work place overpaid me on my last cheque and now I have to send them back a check of $454.25, great. I should sue for the inconvenience…
  • Last weekend (Sunday) I was at the gym, bench pressing as usual when my mind drifted, which in turn messed up my breathing and fucked me over. I got a killer headache that started in the back of my head. I’ve had this happen to me once before when I was a kid. The pain went away after 15 minutes and I managed to forget about the incident. Come Wednesday of this past week, I went to the gym again. Everything was good but I completely forgot about the incident I had on Sunday. So I started my routine with a simple chin-up warm up. On my last rep I got a strong pain in the back of my head .. AGAIN. Suddenly I realized that I forgot about what had happened and that I definitely should not have come to the gym today. Shit. The headache spread and lasted for the rest of the day and right through my pre-placement interview. I got home exhausted from the pain, took two pills and took off the headache. The next day my head was still sensitive so I got concerned. I went on google to do a little research about what I had experienced. I found a message from a fellow weightlifter in one of the groups. He had the same problem and he explained what the doctors told him.
    I also got an explanation of what happened, and what could have
    happened.  You are correct about the breathing being the cause.  When
    you hold your breath while straining on a hard lift, you cause the blood
    pressure to increase in your skull (also known as the valsalva maneuver,
    which fighter pilots use to prevent blacking out during high g-force
    turns).  The increased blood pressure causes the wall of some blood
    vessels in the head to stretch and this irritates the blood vessel
    lining.  Since these blood vessels are surrounded by a sheath of neural
    cells, this sheath also gets stretched and irritated (hence the
    headaches).  This irritation presents itself in a form of inflammation,
    which takes several weeks to heal.  In a few (less than 5%) of the
    cases, the blood vessel may rupture slightly, which can be extremely
    dangerous, or even fatal.  Hence the need for a CT scan and a lumbar
    puncture to detect any blood in the cerebro-spinal fluid.

    I was not allowed to return to the gym, or do any exercise, until I had
    two weeks headache-free.  The headaches are not expected to return as
    long as I continue to breath properly while lifting.Link
    So all that means no working out for at least a week. That goes for any and all physical activity which raises blood pressure. Yeah that sucks big time. But I won’t let my mind wander again…

  • I didn’t last very long with reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and I stopped around the same place as everybody else. Edmond was just jailed. To make up for my laziness I downloaded borrowed the movie. I recommend you watch the movie and skip the 1000 page monster.

Anyways that’s the low down right there. Oh and did I mention that I dislike my class schedule and I’ve started skipping classes?

“God doesn’t limp” – House MD, Season 3, Episode 2


3 Responses to “God doesn’t limp”

  1. fairlight Says:

    hey man… I just read your comment on Digg.com for stuttering.. and I have the same exact problem (not realy a problem i think).

    I also care too much of what other people think, no matter how hard I try not to.

    But anyways I just wanted to talk to you about this, and just dicuss what strategies you do to avoid situations etc.

    contact me on aim= xnigmx or u have my email address,



  2. Jennifer Says:

    Are you still with the company that overpaid you? If so, they should just take it out in little bits from future checks. If not … I’d call that a going away present 🙂

  3. Alex Says:

    Jennifer, no I’m not

    I’d call that a going away present too had I not already sent them a cheque lol

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