It is good to be back.

What’s it been, a few months?

Now I’m back. I don’t like private hosting. Mainly because I don’t have the time to spend on customization and fiddling with the details. I guess I feel like that because the WordPress team has done such a good job making all the features and overall site usable and their stuff just works!

The reason I created a blog originally was to jot my ideas down. Not to become popular or to recieve lots of comments. I just wanted a record of my activities and mind set for later and so I will strive to do more of that as time goes on.



3 Responses to “It is good to be back.”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’m glad that you’re back 🙂 I was thinking about moving to private hosting soon. Does it take a lot of work? I probably wouldn’t have time to put a lot of work into it. I just want a templaet that I like 😦

    Welcome back!

  2. Alex Says:

    Not only does it take work, it takes extra money (domain + hosting), service isn’t that great and you have to do everything yourself.

    Public WordPress installations don’t even come with nifty stats plugin, because that is a private plugin.

    Not to mention, it’s hard having to figure out how to get your site submitted to search engines etc.

    Just for a blog, I don’t feel it’s worth the effort, considering all we really want is to write and read.

  3. Decisions, decisions, and no decisions. « In Place of Incandescence Says:

    […] I read Alex’s entry about how much work it is and now I’m all indecision again. I don’t have time for […]

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