The Break Up – Review


A buddy of mine stopped by the day before yesterday and we exchanged a few movies. I gave him the first three seasons of Lost (more about that epic show later) and he gave me a bunch of movies. Yesterday after work I wasn’t sure which movie to pick but settled on the idea that I’d enjoy Vince Vaughn’s style of comedy and picked “The Break Up” to watch.

First of all the movie made me realize, that Brad Pitt is an idiot for leaving Jennifer Aniston. I know movies aren’t exactly portals into the souls of movie stars that play their roles, but none the less, being a fan of Jen since “Friends” and knowing about her real life break up with Vince, I felt emotion as though it was real.

The movie was quite realistic which highlighted very important aspects of relationships. You also kind of get to see Jen naked so that’s gotta be worth a lot right?

Great movie with a realistic plot line which might make you reconsider the role that you play in your relationship.


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