Red Line


Red Line

Just got out of a meeting, another FS review. I definitely enjoy working here. But this post isn’t about that. This post is about that line.

You’re probably rather confused which line I’m refering to. I’m sure most of us are familar with the feeling of “If I do nothing I’m just being lazy and not trying but when do I stop trying to reach the ideal”. At least for me I know I’m not always sure when to settle with something and when to keep reaching for the stars. Reaching for the starts is inevitably a long journey but why settle for something less? So then that is a predicament, when is it time to stop dreaming about the ideal possiblity and give up.

Maybe if you still have it in you to reach, to improve, to grow towards a goal, a dream, an ideal that you are not ready to settle for something less. My mom says it’s because I’ve been like this since I was a kid, only being happy with what I set out to get and nothing less. At what cost does this restless strive come?

So I ask you, where do you draw the line between dreams and possibility?


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