Global Warming take 1.9e99

I confess the weather has been pretty messed up lately. I don’t deny the fact that weather patterns are definitely changing. Most importantly I’m all for leaving a smaller foot print on Mother Earth. However there’s just something about Al Gore that makes me call bullshit.

So you flew around the world and talked to a bunch of people who think the polar ice caps are going to melt, we are all going to drown and the world will be over; but why make a movie about it? Actually making a movie isn’t so bad, making me pay for the movie is pretty bad. After all, I’m supposedly going to see a movie that will influence me to help save the world so shouldn’t I see it for free? I don’t really care what you plan to do with the money after words because I don’t trust anybody with my money to begin with, so seriously why not make the movie free?

How about the idea that not everybody agrees with you? After all we really don’t have enough historical data to constitute such a panic stricken attitude towards an increase in the global temperature. In fact as Jeremy Clarkson pointed out, cows produce more atmospheric pollutants than cars. Is Al Gore going to sponsor putting gas chambers onto cows now?

Al Gore was on Oprah a while ago, promoting his bullshit movie. They did a touching piece about how we need to do more to protect trees by recycling and by reducing our dependence on the cutting down of trees. That short clip was followed by another one. This one, since this was before the holidays, was giving out tips on how to stay green over the holidays. One of the tips was trying to convince people that in fact buying plastic Christmas trees hurt the environment more than getting a freshly cut one. Maybe I’m alone in this, but that seems like a direct contradiction to their “save the trees” clip. Their argument was that plastic trees spend much more time in landfills because they are made out of plastic. However, who throws out their plastic Christmas tree after one year? Aren’t they meant to last longer? Like maybe 3-5 years …
Apparently Al Gore and Oprah didn’t think that quite through. Great advice!

That was just the tip of the iceberg because as I found out today, Al Gore has been nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. As soon as I saw that I knew I had to bitch about it here.

The fight for the global climate is a fight for peace, say members of parliament B ørge Brende and Heidi Sørensen, and they have nominated former US Vice-president Al Gore for a share of the Nobel Peace Prize.

To be nominated for a Nobel Peace prize don’t you need to make some sort of physical contribution? Flying around the world preaching about your movie and book isn’t exactly scientific either. Yet somehow he is being nominated and the majority of the world remains in crisis. I wonder when these scare-tactics will stop playing their role on people. When will be fed up enough to not let douche bags decide.

The problem is not that we deny the need for higher environmental standards (much higher), but the problem is that there are people who have something to gain from scaring people into thinking its our fault. While that is true for those who are rich enough to not care about their gas or power bill, most people are already quite conscious about the environment. After all the environment is something that our kids will have to live in. It is a sacred resource and we are reckless but please don’t parade around like you’re a saint.


5 Responses to “Global Warming take 1.9e99”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    It takes money to make a movie, get it produced, and get it distrubted. He has worked his entire public career on this issue, so to try to paint it as through this is just something he’s trying to cash in on seems a little bit of a stretch to me.

    Perhaps not everyone agrees with his point, but most scientists who study the issue do. And maybe in Canada everyone cares about the environment, but that’s certainly not the case in the US. Given that we are the worst offenders when it comes to problems with he environment, I would think the rest of the world would be grateful someone making an effort to get Americans to think about something more than their own convenience for a change. We like our convenience very much around here.

    But hey, if it really bothers you that much that he’s charging for the movie, just don’t go watch it! Probelm solved, yes?

  2. Alex Says:

    Might be a stretch but I highly doubt he is doing this campaigning out of his own good will. There is something in it for him, that’s just the way it is today.

    Canada is filled with the same type of asses as the states, there’s just less people in Canada so the ratio is smaller. I just tried to point out that there are a lot of environment conscious people. People who care about where we are going. Obviously there should be more of them but thats a different topic.

    The issue isn’t even with people per-say. It’s with the corporations trying to satisfy the customer’s demands. We are the reason that there are 20 different car makers all producing cars. We are the reason that in a grocery store there are 10 different kinds of milk. We try to satisfy everybody and in bulk but somebody still loses, in our case the environment.

    In all honesty he’s not making people think about anything. Most north Americans are so clued out about the issues around them that a speech by some politician yelling “global warming” is surely not going to change them overnight.

    I don’t care about the movie because I won’t go and pay to see it I’m just complaining that he’s being given far too much credit. I don’t believe that one day he just decided to make the world a better place. And fooling people into believing that changing their light bulbs is going to save the earth is kind of silly.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I don’t think he just decided one day to make the world a better place either. I think, when it comes to the environment, this is the issue he has been the most passionate about, and worked the most on, throughout his entire career. Even the Republicans in this country, who since election 2000 hate the man maybe even as much as they do Bill Clinton, recognize that this is his issue, that he believes in this stuff. They just thinks he’s crazy.

    By bringing this issue up in the format he did, and generating a buzz about his documentary, and presenting the material in a way that resonated with people, he actually did make an impact.

    The idea that changing light bulbs alone is going to save the earth is a little silly, I’ll grant you. BUt he never said that. As far as I know, you’re the only who has said it 🙂

  4. Alex Says:

    If you ask me we have much more to worry about that affects us TODAY and TOMORROW than supposedly in the next 100 years. Problem is they can’t predict me the weather for next weekend because there are so many factors that even giant computer weather model simulators are stumped by mother nature. Yet we have enough scientific data to say without doubt that Global Warming … right.

    Either way global warming is a touchy subject, so we’ll agree to disagree.

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Sure, we can agree to disagree 🙂 (but I’ll still be right)

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