Car Bomb

pomegranatesI was just sitting here browsing some news. I was reading a story titled ‘A Wink and a Smile‘ – Why women send mixed signals to men. I finished reading the story, it wasn’t that entertaining. When BAM a dream I had came into my head.

I was walking down some street (I know there is more to the beginning of the story I just can’t recall it) when I came upon a parked van. I happened to look into the back seats and notice weird wiring coming out of something. Then my view expanded and I noticed that there were bags with fuses coming out them. I dashed forward, turned around stumbled. Thought about calling the cops but that didn’t happen. Finally hit behind a wall. Realized I was too close to the blast zone, moved back a bit, again felt like I was too close. Next thing I know the van is exploding … with pomegranates.

I just realized how seldomly I remember my dreams. Right … those damn pomegranates.

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One Response to “Car Bomb”

  1. З и ż ő Says:

    if you came from iraq this would make sense

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