How NOT To: Overclock

My first Overclocking experience with my A8V – Deluxe motherboard was kind of … let’s just say it was a scare. I booted up Vista but then decided to improve performance by overclocking my CPU. Thing is my motherboard provides real nice overclocking features which make it easy to do. So I went into the options, set AI Overcloking to 10%, saved and rebooted. BAM! An image popped up saying something about my video card and corrupted BIOS. I was not expecting that! As it was prompting me to insert either a CD-ROM or a floppy with a BIOS ROM image I tried rebooting hoping the problem would go away. No such luck, same prompt same problem. I then remembered about my motherboard disk that came with it, popped that in and magically the ROM was found, installed and I was told to reboot for changes to take affect. A reboot later I was stuck with a black screen, no POST, no VGA signal nothing. Odd thing was the drive seek light was on so I thought maybe I managed to mess up my hard-drive(s). So I opened the case, unplugged everything except floppy drive, cdrom drive and my dual channel memory .. oh and video card. Reboot … nothing.

So now I start to panic a bit. I called my dad over and he suggested that maybe it was a video card problem since that is what the message said when I was flashing my BIOS. So I took out my video card (thinking good riddance I wanted a new one anyway), opened my bro’s PC, yanked his video card and plugged it in. Oh shit still nothing. My dad is interested too now so we start taking out ram. We took out one stick of dual channel ram out of the A1 (blue) channel. Boot up … awesome we have life! Now I begin to worry that my ram is messed up, my dear 1 gig of dual channel kignston ram is fried. Turns out that wasn’t it either. After switching ram from slot to slot we verified that all RAM in fact works, the problem was in the BIOS image.

Apparently the BIOS ROM image that comes with A8V-Deluxe (on the CD) is old enough not to recognize properly my dual channel ROM. After we figured that out, I went to ASUS, downloaded the latest BIOS version, flashed it with aufdos and hallelujah everything is now ok.

Lesson learned, don’t overclock when you don’t know what you’re doing!


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