Free Tuition

Today was my second attempt at delivering a cheque for CS GAMES 2007. Long story short, yesterday I manged to forget to sign my cheque, slide it under the door and then realize moments later what I had done. So today I had to make take the drive to university again before going to work.  First of all I really really had to go and couldn’t hold it in anymore. I even ventured the idea of pulling over on the highway but realized that would not be such a hot idea with the subzero temperatures and all. In the end I finally made it but when I was about to park temporarily without paying, realized that campus police was checking windshield tickets. I said f’ it, parked and ran to my destination. Did everything I had to do, dropped off my cheque, ran back and made a slick get away, bruning rubber and all.

However this post is more about the things I picked up on, on my way to Carleton. I was listening to Kiss FM and they were talking about how Carleton students  are on strike today on Parliament hill trying to stick it to the man, so that he’d pay our tuition. At first that sounds like a good idea, because $6k yearly tuition is kind of a drag. I even recall signing my name for a petition to lower tuition fees. However as I kept on listening, people started calling in to the radio show with their comments. Some woman called talking about being really happy she is 30. I think she was on drugs. Anyways others called in raising the point of, if tuition is free to get into university what’s going to happen to the service industry? The radio-caster followed up by saying something like, “where do you draw the line, should government also put money down when you buy a house, and help you secure a job? after all where do we take responsibility for our own life”. I think that is brilliant point but that my opinion is biased. Yes tuition is a lot and yes it is hard to make it through university when you have to work to be able to pay your way through but that is what separates the strong from the weak, determines from the lazy. If everybody gets free tuition then there will be no difference between secondary and post secondary education, just another step in the ladder. When you pay for tuition (your parents’ money doesn’t count) you feel responsible, grades matter and you try harder. If it’s a free ride we will have a country of servicemen with degrees and that’s just not right. Having a degree will no longer mean anything because anybody can get it.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.


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