On my way to pick up my mom from work yesterday I was thinking about feelings. Though I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to the thought or why I started to revel in it.

I don’t know about other people (this kind of ties in to this post in its own right) but sometimes I’m at loss of understanding other people’s responses. So that got me thinking about how we don’t know what other people feel. I mean we communicate that we feel the same emotion through words … but really what does being happy or nostalgic feel like for somebody else? That is something I’ve always kind of wondered, what kind of phases of emotion does another person feel for love, acceptance, pity? I’ve read a while ago (in a book who’s name I cannot recall) that when people interpret words, we go through chemical impulses which allow us to understand what the words mean. So like when you tell me “I’m happy” before I can truly understand what you mean, I must have a feeling associated with “happy”. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like transcoding our emotions. You transcode your emotion into the appropriate word and you say the word. I pick up the word and transcode the word to emotion to understand you. I think it is obvious where problems can occur. Whene I interpret the word happy for instance, I have a completely different (that’s my guess) “feeling” of what it means to be happy. Most of the time our individual interpretations of each others words have nearly equivalent emotional associations. Allowing us to relate to sadness, relate to sorrow etc.

But what if the intesity with which you feel unhappy does not relate to me your emotional state well enough? Kind of like a lossy compression of emotions.

I’m not making any real point just wondering what it would feel like feeling like you. 🙂


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