Not in Portland

Lost - Not in Portland s03e07

How clever. Maybe it’s just me but when I watch a tv show I can’t constantly compare known facts, look out for hints and keep up with the developments. That’s why I when I watch Lost, I do just that, watch it and experience the whatever comes up. I leave the thinking for later.

I watched Lost episode 7 (Season 3) titled (appropriately as I would later deduce) “Not in Portland”. If I had to rate the episode I would probably give it 3 out of 5 flying saucers. I’d give it but 3.5 but I’ve never seen half a flying saucer. Overall it was an OK episode. We did find out a bit more about the possible malicious background of the island’s purpose. I’m still pretty confused and I think I would have preferred to not have this episode leading off where the season paused. I was expecting more of a shocking episode. Then again the season is merely continuing, so not really that big of a deal (it is to us fans though!).

“When the sky went purple” says Tom but is cut off. Next there’s the whole issue of black holes. If you ask me the idea of black holes completely ruins the idea of Lost for me. Black holes just don’t fit in. Not because they couldn’t possibly explain some of the island’s phenomenon but because it doesn’t feel right … not to me.

“Never come back from me, promise me Kate” why in the world would he promise that? Either Jack is going loony or there’s meaning behind that.

I’m so damn confused! Which is a way is good because I would never appreciate Lost if it was straight forward and with all the answers.

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