Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Boy am I consumed. Between work and home I seem to barely have any time. Not that I’m complaining the mix seems pretty darn good. Work doesn’t give me the feeling of “why don’t work days end at 12” feeling (yet). In fact I actually enjoy coming to work. Then when I do make it home (usually close to 6) I have just enough time to browse all the websites I couldn’t or didn’t have time for at work, watch a little Bio lectures, eat, catch up on a previously downloaded show and end the night with a good reading of a book.

Bad news in the for my blog though, for some reason my traffic has dropped 3 fold. I used to get at least 100 visits a day and now I get low 60s … max. My “ying yang” post was really popular, as with my “Tattoos” post. Perhaps I should become a tattoo artist and start blogging about that. I don’t really care (well I care a little) that my blog is losing visitors since they didn’t really comment much and I keep telling myself that I blog for me and not for them, but then that’s not always true either. Always trying to appeal to somebody eh, gotta ease up on that. I am impressed with how high Google tends to rate my site though. Just a few days ago I made a post about “Only Fools are Enslaved by Time and Space” and already if you search for that phrase my site is ranked second, above even a YouTube video of the clip.

This weekend I’m going to Toronto for the annual Autoshow. I won tickets this year so me and my buddies (2) are going down for the weekend. Good thing we got a new camera recently as I’ll be able to take like a zillion photos. Apparently it is also the Chinese New Year over the weekend, now I’m not Asian in any way but my friends tell me I will be a minority in Toronto, meaning that their Asian and so are all of their friends and family. Good thing is I’ll get a chance to eat Chinese food (stuff I haven’t tried before) so that will be fun hopefully. I’m taking half the day off on Friday so that we can make the trip. Hope the weather will be friendly I don’t want any complications.

Ahh yes, now to address the title of this post. Apparently today is Valentines day, luckily/unfortunately (depending who you ask) I don’t have anybody special enough in my life (other than my family of course) with whom to spend the day. However I know I’m not alone in this situation so just wanted to pass on some encouraging words to those who take Valentines way too seriously. Take it easy folks and don’t stress it. I don’t know why but lately I’ve been feeling really good about being single, must be because my work lacks any sort of “I’m 19 and sexy looking so talk to me” girl pressure. I even manage to go several days without having the need to shave because there is nobody to impress. Sure its no ideal but it sure makes life easier.


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