Flashes before MY eyes

lost s03e08

Woah. I finally got a chance to watch this weeks Lost episode “Flashes before your eyes” and I’m amazed. The episode incorporates something that I’ve always wondered about, time travel, the grandfather paradox and the like. I have so many ideas circulating right now that I’m not yet fully able to connect it into strings of thoughts.

But wow! Lost is unbelievable!

Sunday Update:

DesmondI let the episode brew in my head for some time. I’ve also had a chance to browse a few forums and read some opinions and easter eggs that were present in the episode. It is actually quite intriguing what happens to Desmond. I’m quite convinced that what Desmond experienced was not a dream, but in fact some sort phenomenon that we cannot as of yet explain. If you notice, his “flash back” begins when he turns the key and ends with him lying on the ground … naked. Through his “flash back”, especially in the beginning he keeps noticing coincidences, anomalies and deja vu feelings. I interpreted that as meaning that he had present with him his knowledge of the island. It seemed like he was reliving an episode of his life. At first he couldn’t quite place it, but then when he met Charlie on the street he clearly recalled the Island. However it appeared as though he was experiencing the Island as a memory of what had happened in the past. Tricky thing. So what caught my attention BIG TIME was when he was in the jewelry shop (which was set up brilliantly might I add) she shop keeper lady begins to recount Desmond’s past actions (as we have seen them in past) with stunning accuracy. At that moment the episodes turns from awesome, to stunning. How can this woman know all this about Desmond? When she recounts Desmond’s journey and how he ends up on the island, she only tells us the story up until the failsafe. Obviously this revelation opens up a whole new can of worms. How does this woman know about the island? How come her recollection of Desmond’s choices stops at the failsafe? She says that Desmond does indeed save “us all” by pushing the button. That is Desmond’s greatest role in the Universe … Then why does she seem like she’s talking him out of making the wrong choice? It is as though whatever he does in this “second attempt” actually has consequences. It can actually influence, what seems to us like, the future? Also interesting to note how Miss M does not physically force Desmond to continue down the charted path, instead relying on the “shock effect” of the guy in the red shoes.

As Desmond is walking down the street on his way to meet Penny he walks by the Army recruiting place, originally isn’t that what Desmond joins (then goes to jail?) and that is how he separated from Penny? In any case he walks past it.

See you in another life brother. – Desmond

I bet there’s something to that phrase…


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  1. Manurhill Says:

    Amazing episode, with Desmond like absolute protagonist, travels in the time references to Matrix, The wizard of oz, the best episode of the third season.

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