Opinionated Discussion

I keep finding little gems on different sites. I decided to make a new category “Discussion” for talking about the various things I bump into on the web.

An Inconvenient Truth” Becomes Paramount’s single most profitable release [link]
All that money better be going to save the environment, otherwise we have a movie which was made to “educate” the public about the global issue known as “global warming” and yet the money the movie made is filling some people’s pockets. I realize the movie took money to make but isn’t the environment more important? I didn’t read the full article as it seemed to me to contain too much political jargon for me to comprehend. But I did find out that our friends that live in Germany, are experiencing a rather warm “winter”. It’s apparently been a steady +11 Celsius, the grass is green and many flowers in bloom. I guess Europe is a bigger contributor to Global Warming than us, because the Ottawa valley has had steady -25 Celsius temperatures for the past several weeks. Rather interesting considering Germany is more “northern” than where I live.

Apparently some believe the Earth is flat [link]
Now this was rather amusing. At first it is pretty hard to tell if the people are serious or not. If you read their FAQ page they go into detail showing the government cover up. They explain gravity, sunrises, other stars and obviously mention the great wall of ice which keeps us from falling off into space. Did I mention that the wall is melting due to Global Warming? Gosh darn it.

Everything causes cancer [link]
Ok well I lied but this is a site which contains 1233 known causes of Cancer. Be it your dish soap or that oozy green liquid that the alien baby regurgitated onto your face. Better see a doctor about that eh.

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One Response to “Opinionated Discussion”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I love the Flat-Earth theorists! I especially like the beginning of their FAQs:

    Q: “Why do the all the world Governments say the Earth is round?”

    A: It’s a conspiracy

    Q: “What about NASA? Don’t they have photos to prove that the Earth is round?”

    A: NASA is part of the conspiracy too. The photos are faked.


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