“Vista Sale Slow” So?

People are like parrots they keep repeating the same bullshit stuff they pick up day in and day out. They are rather intelligent parrots though, because when the attention is on somebody they like, suddenly they stop their yapping and bow at the feet of the great One.

Browsing WordPress’s top posts today, I came upon a post about Pirates, Vista and something about Steve Ballmer. The post was an entertaining read however I did not agree with some all of his points.

  • WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) already is a bitch – yeah maybe if you own a pirated copy of XP it is, but then you would apply to the “arr I’m a pirate” category. In fact out of the 4 computer’s that I am in constant contact with, all of which are activate and WGA installed, none of them have ever caused me so much a flinch. On second thought I must be a very rare case, because everybody else seems to be complaining like it is going out of style.
  • EULA and gnawing off your arms – something about transfer of licenses being difficult. Seriously though, you make it sound like you buy a new a computer every year and need to transfer your one holly copy of Vista. That makes no sense considering every new computer comes with Vista so where is the problem?
  • UAC, red pixels and Russia – ok so Russia isn’t one of Vista’s issues but apparently the User Account Control is. First of all it can be turned off, second of all it is put in place to protect the abundance of people who STILL randomly click on pop-ups, download shady applications and are completely ignorant of viruses and the like. If you’re so smart turn off the UAC, or customize it, DUH.

Then when you’re done reading the article that you begin to wonder why the words like “Linux” or “Mac” and phrases like “Mac > Windows” or “I ❤ Linux” have not yet appeared. Because if my experience on the tubes has taught me anything, its that where ever there is bashing or complaining aimed at Windows, there are always Linux/Mac fan boys. Then out of nowhere it hits you that they are all conjugating in the comments section.

I am yet to figure out why people hold such a distaste for Microsoft. However I’m pretty sure that deep inside, past all their parrot instincts their lies envy. I’m sure some of them actually do believe that Linux will “beat” (they were in a fight?) Microsoft but I mean that’s why I drive an Infinity and you drive an Acura different styles, different preferences, different opinions. But lest you ignore the idea that your opinion might be incorrect.


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