The need for Art courses

chris writes:

There are most likely things in math that you’ll learn that you’ll also never use. It’s give and take sir. Learning how to be a real person, rather than virtually a human robot, can take you a long way. There’s more to life than your career/degree, and alot of people I feel actually NEED the art courses to step away from the math and junk to learn there’s more than integrals and matrices in the world. In high school, everyone needs to take math up until grade 11. At least half of those kids will never need to use a parabola in their lifetime, but it’s developing a portion of their brain that isn’t developed in straight art courses. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be learning about parabolas and so forth. If that was the case, math wouldn’t be mandatory all the way through high school.

You would be surprised in how many countries Math is in fact required all the way through school. I can definitely agree that there is more to life than Computer Science. However University is not a joke. University is where I pay money to study. I study in University because I have picked a career path. I am all for being able to take courses while in University that help you grow as a person but I am totally against being forced to take courses just because some believe that Art courses will bring nerdy kids out of their shells.

Not to mention that I highly doubt that forcing kids, who spend 90% of their time playing StarCraft and forget to wash themselves, to take Artsy classes is going to change them. Believe it or not, personal change is a personal choice. You either want to change or you don’t. Nobody can change you. You can be forced to reconsider your present situation in life which pushes you towards a goal but taking an Art courses isn’t going to make anybody grow by itself. You have to want it. So going back to Math being offered too much. Math is one of those things that yes you probably won’t use everything you learn but its about more than that. It “changes” you from the inside (assuming you try at it). The most important part of us is still the brain and it needs all the hard stimulation it can get to develop abilities like decision making, judgment calls and so on. Which of course can directly impact how people choose to lead their life.

Plus what is with this attitude of changing other people? I get it, you feel like taking the Art courses that you have has really affected you in a positive way and that is great. Really. But You have to remember that you can’t save the world. Nor should you try to save the world. Not everybody can enjoy your situation. That is why we have choices in life. Which people make for themselves. Do I want to go to University? Do I want to work in service? Do I want to improve myself? And so on. Everybody should not be forced to mold to one shape, we are past those days of high school and elementary school. We are now (for the most part) adults who need to make our own choices in life.

Life is what you make it. So let those nerdy kids mature and maybe when they are 30 they will be able to relate to your thoughts of today.


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