Conspiracies by F. Paul Wilson

A few days ago I finished reading a novel by F. Paul Wilson called Conspiracies. It is one of the many books in FPW’s collection of Repairman Jack novels. The book was an interesting read. I didn’t like it as much as the Hosts book by FPW that I read first. None the less, the book dealt with these creatures known as “the otherness” (weird Lost reference?). Jack (the main character) has to deal with them. One of the things that happens is a big hole opens up in the ground which links their world and ours. I wasn’t quite able to imagine a whole of such dimensions while reading the book. I was never going to even write about the book, but then I bumped into this story. Not sure what language it is in (apparently Norwegian), but that hole (in Guatemala ) is fascinating. As soon as I saw that I decided it deserved its own post!

Wild photos, the more I look at them the more scary the book’s plot seems. At a different link the story mentions that two teenagers were swallowed by that sinkhole. Which is sad but is also weird because in the book two “Men in Black” are lost to the hole. Creepiness.

Guatemala Hole

More images after the jump!


2 Responses to “Conspiracies by F. Paul Wilson”

  1. RK Says:

    Thats one creepy looking hole dude!

    Reminds me of the opening shots from “War of the Worlds”… are you sure this pic was not one from a setting for the movie??? lol

  2. Alex Says:

    lol creepy is right! I totally forgot that that happened in War of the Worlds, maybe that’s where Tom Cruise’s spaceship blasted out into space from.

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