Stranger in a Strange land

A rather interesting episode. I don’t feel like it was shocking, and it really didn’t make me think but I believe it was lased with small hints. I don’t pay attention the hype that ABC puts out, so luckily I was not disappointed when the three supposed questions were not answered. Personally I didn’t feel like any questions were really answered, if anything more were definitely introduced.

JackThe plot of Lost is rather curious. It is full of mysterious powers and events that could only be taken on with fate. Though at the same time there is this parallel plot line that involves these “others” which is not really that mystical and is very concrete. Sure there are questions left unanswered but for me the show is divided and I try hard to connect the supernatural side of Lost with the Others. Thus far I have failed. I personally prefer the supernatural side to Lost a lot more. I think it would be disappointing if the Others weren’t somehow connected to overall plot line. What is it that connects ties the Others into the plot line?

In this Wednesday’s episode we do find out quite a bit more about the Others. We find out that they don’t live the Hydra station island (guess we already suspected that). Apparently they even have “backyards”, which seems to imply a level of sophistication that is not seen on the island(s). The Islands are, in my opinion, left over from the Dharma initiative and yet who are the Others and what is their role? The kid who Sawyer and Freckles rescue says that the Others only work on the island but live somewhere else. In fact they don’t seem to like the island at all. That is of course understandable but what kind of work do they do that is so important? As I write this I just had a flashback to the beginning of Season 3. When Juliet burns her hand while making muffins and we see that their “village” is situated in the middle of an island. Is that where their backyards are? It seems so very remote and isolated. I keep hoping that the Others serve a higher purpose. It would be really disappointing if they were simply some nomads. At the same time there are a very strange bunch. We saw how they branded Juliet and maybe more judging by the bandage that she covered up while Jack put aloe on her mark. They seem to be a rather small group of people and marking somebody on their back certainly won’t produce humiliation so what is the purpose? Being marked definitely didn’t seem like a big deal to Juliet so what is its purpose? My mind fails to create an interesting scenario where the marking would play a role and still feel like Lost. Maybe the mark is not important but then why give it such a focus?

Marking does play a different role with Jack. Or perhaps it is not so different after all. While Jack is in Thailand he meets that girl while trying to fly a kite. While I was watching the episode I had a feeling that there was significance in the kite. The girl that he meets seems to live a questionable lifestyle. We really do not find out much about her, even when she says she reads people and marks them that doesn’t seem like a profession that would yield envelopes of cash. When Jack finds out at first she refuses to mark him, saying that that would dishonor her people. I wonder what people she is referring too. The wording that gets branded on Jack translates (from Chinese) to mean “Eagles high, cleaving sky”. Relating back to the kite that Jack flies in the beginning, is that of an eagle’s silhouette. However Isabel (the apparent sheriff) translate his tattoo to mean “He walks among us, but he is not one of us”. At least that is the impression we get. Not to mention that she seems to be fluent in Chinese.

So by the end of the episode I was left asking myself, “so what does this all mean and how does it add and relate to our story?” Oh and who is this damn Jacob? I’m pretty sure that he’s a real dude.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    I was asking myself what about “three of the most burning questions” that were supposed to be answered?? That was what it said in the promo!

    I only counted one … just one burning question answered! All the rest are still burning?

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