Tricia Tanaka is dead

As usual, I am one day or so behind on my Lost opinions because I’ve just been so damn busy. Here goes non the less.

The episode starts off pretty good, with the “you have to make your own luck” advice from Hugo’s dad. I thought it would lead to a stellar episode however I found it more disappointing than anything else. The episode wasn’t bad but it just didn’t seem like a typical Lost episode. It didn’t require any thinking, didn’t make me jump to any rash conclusions and definitely didn’t pose or answer any major plot questions. For me it felt like a filler episode. An episode that needs to be produced but that doesn’t really move the plot along.

Personally I’m not one for this whole Sawyer and Kate romance part (or whatever it is). For me it just doesn’t seem like something that Lost should be spending time on. Lost for me is a show about something extraordinary, something beyond the realm of what is probably possible. A show about the unmeasurable consequences that influence us day to day.

HugoThe whole episode was focused on Hugo though by the end I still didn’t feel like it was clear if there really was a curse, what is the deal with the numbers, how does that tie into the plot of Lost. I think the episode could have been much improved had it stuck to one idea. In fact a lot of stuff jumped out at me that made the episode even harder to appreciate. Usually Lost is really good about its props and ideas making sure to come off as believable as possible. However numerous times throughout the episode I kept playing down some (what seemed like to me) major weaknesses. For example the whole asteroid/meteor thing. Like ok I get that Hugo is “cursed” but c’mon, really? I suppose it could work with Lost’s theme but not when it’s played off as a random occurrence (the chances of which are astronomical?). Next there is the whole business of the shag mobile VW van that Hugo finds. Once again, what the? Why is it there? Did it just fall out of the sky? Why did Roger die, not like he couldn’t have gotten out of the rolled over vehicle. When Hugo and Jin pull Roger out, his head falls on a pile of papers … pure white papers. Like they were just taken out of a printer. If a vehicle had been there long enough to be overgrown by whines then why hasn’t the paper aged at all? They spent an adequate amount of time making Roger’s jump suit look pretty old and faded but not the paper… odd! Then Hurley has the brilliant idea of sending the VW down the slope hoping to start it. Recruits Charlie and before they are about to crash head on into a bunch of rocks, Hurley manages to revive the van and they safely steer out of harms way, neglecting the momentum that would, if they were going fast tip over the van. All this while Hugo closes his eyes “making his own luck”. I’m all for a little hope but c’mon that seems like too unrealistic.

Finally towards the end of the episode we get some action. Can’t even really call it action considering that its too little too late. Damn it I miss Locke and his crazy ideas. Lost needs to step it up. Ever since the episode with Desmond I’m having trouble appreciating Lost.


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Feel good song in the episodeThree Dog Night – Shambala dot mp3

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2 Responses to “Tricia Tanaka is dead”

  1. Jenny Says:

    so wait…who died? i didnt see anythign that said anyone was dead…i actually stopped watching lost after the 2nd ep of the series. the title of the show really lives up to its name..

  2. Alex Says:

    lol Tricia Tanaka, did you watch the episode? It’s the reporter chick who is with Hugo in his flashback

    unless you’re referring to Roger?

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