Saturday Exam

Lots of stuff has happened in the past week and by the looks of things the action isn’t going to stop. It has been great but it all messes with my daily routine. Maybe this is silly to say, or maybe I’m just too conservative but I like daily predictability. Anything else causes me bad sleep and uneasiness. Of course in the end things usually go better than expected but the thought of that doesn’t seem to make it any easier.

Wrote my Natural History exam on Saturday. I like the class, interesting material, and a great professor. He actually came in to our room to see if we had any questions, and it was really neat to meet the person you’ve been watching on tv all this time. Sounds kinda funny, and I suppose it is, but he was almost like a celebrity. I guess I should point out that I watch the class on the net so I don’t go to class. The exam was not too hard though out of the 110 multiple choice questions I had about 25 that I was not sure about, which actually doesn’t result in as high grade as I would have liked (assuming the worst case scenario). Being in coop and not really going out as much as I would have liked sucks, but it was nice to be back in the head-twisting environment of university. On the way back to my car, as I was heading down the path between Unicenter and Hertzberg I could see the windshield of my car from a distance. To somewhat of a surprise I spotted an orange folded piece of paper under my right windshield wiper. Yes it was a ticket. At first I thought it might have been for not purchasing a parking pass but that couldn’t be so because this was Saturday and parking would be free. So instead I got a “parked in no parking zone” ticket for apparently blocking traffic. Lucky me. I clearly was not blocking traffic, I was parked in a clearly marked spot. However there were a few douche-bags to my right that had parked their cars so that they wouldn’t be able to leave unless I moved. Yes the parked in illegal spots and yes they also got tickets but I shouldn’t have gotten a ticket. So now I have to contest my ticket. This was Saturday.

Sunday my bro and I went snowboarding with our cousins. This will have been my third time (in three years) snowboarding so I was a little eager to verify that I still had the “skills”. We went to Edleweiss. The weather was great, we had just gotten a good snowfall on Friday so the slopes were primed. It was a good day, I sort of got the hang of being able to snowboard and facing the slope. Not very difficult but sure does put a lot of stress on the legs. Nobody wants to fall so trying to execute  the move without error was stressful. I think I’d be even better if I went today, except it is too bad that I’m sitting at work and have got a long day ahead of me.

Wednesday I’ve got my coop adviser coming by my work place and my boss, him and I will be discussing my progress in the past 2 months. I really don’t understand why they want to come so early. Are they really worried that I’m not happy here or that the employer is not happy? ‘Cause surely it isn’t because they want to check up on my progress. There really isn’t all the much progress just yet.

Friday-Sunday I will be gone to Montreal with 9 others from Carleton to participate in CS Games 2007 at McGill University. Should be a good time. Only thing is that I have a lot of stuff to brush up on. Actually not a lot but enough to keep me busy. Here is a list of things that has to be done this week.

  • Renew library books
  • Learn the how to use the gdb debugger
  • Get one or two books about crypto and brush up on your pattern spotting skills
  • Work on the contract
  • Possibly start continuing to watch BIOL lectures
  • Make some progress on the the current project at work before the arrival of coop adviser

Like I say, I’m all for some eventfulness but it just makes me appreciate daily predictability a bit more.


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