As you might probably have guessed by now, I was slightly preoccupied in the last week or so with things and I didn’t have time to put ideas together into coherent text. That is a slight lie, since I did have plenty of time ever since last Sunday to make an update but I chose not to for various reasons inherited from laziness.

Last last weekend I was in Montreal for CS Games 2007. We placed in 9th out of 32 universities and Rochester was 1st. Overall a good weekend if you completely ignore the fact that the female presence bordered a negative one. Otherwise everything was good. Though I should probably mention that sleeping on the floor beside a balcony in the winter, should not be attempted unless you are prepared to wear several layers for warmth and padding. An easier thing to do is to order a cot, unless backpain is an enjoyable feeling for you.

Next set of business is regarding Lost. I have decided not to write episode reviews anymore mostly because it is not healthy for me. Actually not so much for me as my Lost experience. I have realized that scouring the internet for easter eggs, clues and other Lost related information, while extremely fun, is really detrimental the Lost mentality. I feel that way because you can’t help but bump into other people’s theories and insights, which end up exposing Lost in a very different light. Also when I spend my time writing about Lost, I get easily carried away with dissecting and various aspects when what I really should be doing is simply enjoying the show. Thinking about Lost in your own head is much more energy efficient and I’m sure Al Gore would be proud. I can see my self writing small posts about certain episodes but not on a weekly basis. At least not until I start re-watching Lost.

I also (finally) finished the a book which according to some guy on some forum was supposed to shed light on Lost. This will kind of tie into my previous paragraph about Lost. While writing this I decided to research on Wikipedia the entry for the book. The book is called ‘The third policeman’, written in 1940 by Flann O’Brien and is a rather short read, even though it took me a while to finish. So apparently, according to an unconfirmed rumor, the book is supposed to provide key insight to Lost’s mystery. Now I have to go home tonight and watch episode three of season two and see how the book might shed light on Lost. Oh great and now I just found a Lostpedia article on the book. Meaning I could probably read it now and be done with it, however I will hold out and watch the episode again. Never mind, I’m getting off topic. I gave the book only two stars because it was a bore most of the way through. I spent a lot of time trying to link in my mind the plot of the story to Lost. Having thus far failed I’m sure you can understand my unhappiness with the book. Though I will postpone further critique until I have investigated the origins of this apparent Lost insight further.

And some thoughts about words.

Words, what are words? That is what I have theorized while enjoying the closeness of men’s room stall. Words I think can be thought of as bookmarks in the pages of a book. Each page of the book containing an emotion, a concept, a feeling. Everybody has different books, but we share bookmarks. When you say ‘love’, I have to find my bookmark associated with the word of ‘love’. Read the page and “understand” your meaning. Imagine reading somebody else’s page on love, what would it be like. My first thought is, unreadable…


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